The mountains may still be snow covered but my heart says that it's ready for spring . . .

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What Makes Our Bars Fantastic?

Our soap produces wonderful, fluffy lather using only natural oils. No detergents or sulphates!

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Spring Collection

Soft breezes and more days of warm sunlight are heading our way! Check out our fresh spring collection here . . .

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All Natural Collection

While even my products using fragrance oils are 97% natural, everything in this collection is only made with essential oils and other natural ingredients.

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Emily's Homestead is a home, bath and body business in the close-knit community of Bailey, CO.  We're proud to sell local as well as wholesaling to stores in California and Oregon.  Please contact us for wholesale opportunities with your business at

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Ayurvedic Shampoo
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Chocolate-Covered Cherry Soap
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  • $8.50
Citrus Mint Shampoo
  • $13.50
Cucumber Gulch
  • $18.00

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This soap has helped my eczema and the mosquito bites I received. I would recommend. Also, the smell reminds me of Christmas which makes me happy every time I use it.


I absolutely love this bar. It makes my hair SO soft and it smells so good. Great detangler as well, especially for my fine hair.


I got the Odds & Ends shampoo as a way to figure out which scent I like but it backfired. I like them all! They are very sturdy bars that lather well. I can’t wait to try them all!


Ordered a shampoo bar and it is lovely!! Huge (I’ll have it for months!) and cleans my hair so well.


As someone with sensitive, but irritated skin, it's important for me to find soaps that are "plain", but still have gentle, soothing ingredients. This soap ticks all those boxes and is a pleasure to use, not to mention a big size for the price!


This deoderant works great! I love the scent. I also love the 100% recyclable packaging.

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